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The 7-Days- Collection

CORKANA creates high quality designer handbags of cork for ethically minded women who long for a romantic touch in their everyday lives.

These exquisite accessories have been crafted with great attention to detail and seamlessly combines environmentally friendly materials with timeless elegance, making it an essential addition to any sophisticated wardrobe.

The new generation of fashion fabric

Clearly, bags and wallets made of cork not only look great, but are also extremely light and are therefore much more comfortable to wear than in comparison to products made of other materials. Leather is also usually very sensitive and, depending on how it is processed, shows signs of wear after a very short period of time. This is not the case with cork. Thanks to its unique cell structure, cork is scratch-resistant and therefore much more durable than leather.

We present the epitome of fashion and sustainability: our unique cork handbags made from probably the most sustainable material of all time.

CORKANA cork handbags are more than just an accessory – they are a statement for sophisticated taste and conscious living. Treat yourself to the beauty of sustainability and sophistication with our timeless pieces that will win hearts everywhere.

CORKANA Craftsmanship
First class, top-quality design and workmanship.

CORK - small, useful cells,
that serve you well


The cork oak is an evergreen tree. Removing the bark will not harm it; new cork even forms! One tree can provide yield for over a hundred years! The cork cells are tiny. No material made of cells – neither natural nor synthetic – has as many cells per unit volume as cork. 

A study conducted at Cambridge states that “few materials have had such a long history or have withstood competition from artificial substitutes so well.” The secret is the uniquely constructed tiny cork cells – a miracle of creation.