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The 7-Day Collection

CHANGE mind?

Despite the growing awareness of environmental friendliness and ethical production practices, a genuine leather jacket, shoes or a luxury bag made from this material remains a status symbol and a coveted item in the wardrobe.

However, it is often overlooked where these special garments or accessories come from, under what conditions they are produced and, above all, how many chemicals are used to achieve the desired shape, color and feel. It is time to think consciously about what constitutes high-quality products and what ecological footprint they leave behind. 

Does a brand equal high quality if it has been on the market for a long time and sells its products at extremely high prices? Or is there more to it than that?


Gramm chemicals

Up to 500 grams of chemicals can be added to one kilogram of raw animal hide to ensure the desired durability. Without this, leather products cannot maintain their quality, especially in terms of color and structure.


Litres of water

It takes up to 15,000 litres of water to produce one kilo of cotton (2,700 litres on average). One T-shirt requires one kilo of raw cotton and around one kilo of environmentally harmful chemicals, which in turn contribute to water pollution.


Things to know about
CORKANA handbag

THE 7-Days Collection

Day and night, light and dark – our collection offers the perfect balance. Every woman strives to look both chic and casual every day. An essential part of a successful outfit is undoubtedly the right bag.

Statistically, the average woman spends around 12 minutes a day thinking about what to wear – that’s a whole 3 days a year! To help you choose your perfect bag, we present a fine selection of elegant black and gold combinations through to fresh shades of white and pink.

Whether you prefer a dark or light outfit, whether you want to style yourself for the evening or for the day, our collection offers versatile options for every occasion. Discover the elegance in each of its nuances and make choosing your bag an effortless and stylish process.

A look into the future

As already mentioned, cork fabric can be produced in any color and motif.

In our future collections, we intend to utilize this option in order to present the diversity and vibrancy of cork fabrics in an impressive way. Inspired by nature, art, literature, architecture and everyday life, we create extraordinary collections that combine their own history with your interests.

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